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If trying to make a payment, click here for the PAYMENTS page

FEE AMOUNTS. When sound professional advice is your service, you can't charge for peace of mind, so like most law firms, Achieve Legal will be compensated based on the amount of time spent on your matter. Our hourly rate is currently $499/hr. BUT given the transactional nature of work, and based on we give CAP QUOTES, which are GUARANTEES that certain portions of the services provided to you WILL NOT EXCEED the cap quote guaranties. 

          For example


          After your business lawyer does a cursory review of a franchise agreement, or a commercial lease agreement, the lawyer may offer a CAP QUOTE, of $2,500 (as an example) for the initial review and analysis of that contract. If it takes the lawyer 4 hours to review and offer you analysis of the contract, then the fee would be 4 x $499 = $1,996 for that review. However, if the time taken for the business lawyer to review and analyze the contract took 6 hours, the fee would be CAPPED at $2,500, and NOT 4 x $499 = $2,994. 

          Keep in mind, other services provided may not fit within that cap quote, for example, if the business lawyer is involved in negotiating edits, drafting edits to the document, etc., then those fees would be incurred at the hourly rate regardless of the cap quote.

INVOICING. Fees and costs (charged at actual cost unless stated otherwise in the engagement agreement), are billed on the 15th and on the last day of each month, and payments are due 21 days after invoicing

DISCOUNT. PLUS,  any client that pays early, within 7 days from the date of the invoice, enjoys a 5% discount on hourly fees.

METHODS. Clients can pay with checks sent to Achieve Legal, over the phone with a credit card, or online with a credit card, below. Most credit cards are accepted.

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