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Becoming a franchisee is an exciting opportunity, but it's essential to have the right legal guidance every step of the way. From understanding the franchise disclosures ("FDD"), to reviewing franchise agreements and negotiating terms, Achieve Legal provides you the Orlando franchise attorney personalized legal support tailored to your needs.

With the experience in franchise law brought to you by Achieve Legal, better understand your rights and obligations as a franchisee, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions about your investment. Whether you're considering purchasing an existing franchised business, or if you need assistance with franchise negotiations, Achieve Legal is the Orlando area franchise law firm here to help you achieve your goals.

Don't navigate the franchising process alone. Partner with Achieve Legal to embark on your journey to franchise ownership with confidence. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards building your franchise business.


In addition to the standard due diligence advisable in starting a new business venture, a potential Franchisee must pay close attention the franchisor's disclosures in the Franchise Disclosure Document ("FDD"), the legal terms and obligations contained in the Franchise Agreement, and the franchisor's litigation history vs. Franchisees.


Understanding the contents of the franchise disclosure document (FDD) is crucial before making any commitments. Employ a seasoned franchise attorney to provide you with a comprehensive FDD review services to protect your interests and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?  The FDD is a legal document that franchisors are required to provide to prospective franchisees by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It contains essential information about the franchisor, the franchise system, and the terms of the franchise agreement. Reviewing the FDD thoroughly is essential to understanding the rights and obligations associated with the franchise opportunity.

Why is FDD Review Important? An FDD review is a critical step in the franchise purchasing process. It allows prospective franchisees to assess the risks and benefits associated with the franchise opportunity and make informed decisions. A franchise lawyer can help you to identify any potential red flags, discrepancies, or areas of concern that could impact your investment.

What Achieve Legal's FDD Review Services May Include:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: Meticulous review each section of the FDD to ensure a thorough understanding of its contents.

  2. Compliance Check: Verification that the FDD complies with federal and state regulations, including the FTC Franchise Rule and applicable state franchise laws.

  3. Risk Evaluation: Assessment of the potential risks associated with doing business with the intended franchisor, based on the franchisor's disclosed litigation matters. 

  4. Legal Interpretation: Seasoned legal guidance and interpretation of complex legal terms and provisions contained in the FDD.


Understanding the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement is essential to protect your investment and interests. One of Achieve Legal's main areas of focus is in providing comprehensive reviews of franchise agreements to ensure that franchisees fully understand their rights and obligations.

What is a Franchise Agreement? A franchise agreement is a legally binding contract between the franchisor and the franchisee that outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise relationship. It covers various aspects, including the franchise fee, royalties, territory rights, training requirements, advertising obligations, and termination provisions. Reviewing the franchise agreement is crucial before signing to ensure that all terms are fair and reasonable.

Why is Franchise Agreement Review Important? A thorough review of the franchise agreement is essential to identify any potential risks, ambiguities, or unfair provisions that could impact the franchisee's rights and obligations. Our franchise lawyers conduct meticulous reviews of franchise agreements to protect franchisees' interests and ensure compliance with legal requirements.


What Achieve Legal's Franchise Agreement Review Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Each review of the franchise agreement provides a written summary detailing the less typical terms in the franchise agreement, and likely terms that may be negotiated better in your favor. At the very least, ambiguities in the franchise agreement may be clarified, and pre-approvals for exceptions to the franchise agreement are best to be obtained prior to entering into the franchise agreement.

  • Negotiation Support: Assistance is available in negotiating revisions to the franchise agreement, or in drafting an amendment to the franchise agreement, to address any concerns or issues identified during the review process.

  • Experience: Other firms may have been around longer than the 9+ years Achieve Legal has been in operation, but very few lawyers have the over 13 years of dealer and franchise law background held by principal attorney, Josh Logan.

  • Tailored Solutions: Each franchise opportunity is unique, and so it's practical to provide personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives- not everyone needs a complete FDD review, but we advise all clients have their franchise agreements reviewed in order to understand what is considered typical, which terms have significant likelihood of creating unwanted issues for the franchisee, and how to navigate those terms.

Don't Unnecessarily Risk Your Investment - Call or click the "Book a Consultation" button below! Investing in a franchise is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and expert legal guidance. Trust an experienced franchise lawyers to conduct a review of the FDD and and Franchise Agreement, protect your interests. 

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