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commercial lease agreements

Professional Commercial Lease Agreement Review Services

Are you seeking professional legal guidance to review your commercial lease agreement? Look no further! An Orlando-based Achieve Legal attorney can meticulously review or draft your commercial lease agreements, whether in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, to better safeguard your business interests.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Lease Agreement Review?

  1. Attention to Detail: Understand the importance of each major clause and provision within a commercial lease agreement. Through years of experience a meticulous process has been honed to uncover more of what you need to know about your commercial lease agreement.

  2. Tailored Solutions: It's recognized that each business is unique tailored review services are available to address your specific needs and concerns.

  3. Legal Protection: The main goal is to protect your legal rights and interests. Let's identify potential risks and negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.


Achieve Legal's Comprehensive Commercial Lease Agreement Review Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: It starts by understanding your business objectives and concerns regarding the lease agreement.

  2. Estimate & Cap Fees: All services are offered on an hourly basis (billed on a quarter-hour), but so much of what Achieve Legal does is predictable, due to the years of experience reviewing, negotiating, and drafting commercial lease agreements, so Achieve Legal offers both an estimate, and a guarantee not to exceed a certain amount in fees. Find out more about fees, here. 

  3. Thorough Analysis: Our attorneys conduct a comprehensive review of the lease agreement, scrutinizing each clause and identifying potential pitfalls.

  4. Recommendations: Based on our analysis, we provide clear and actionable recommendations to address any issues or areas of concern.

  5. Negotiation Support: If necessary, we assist in negotiating with the landlord or their representatives to achieve favorable terms.

  6. Final Review: Before finalizing the agreement, we conduct a final review to ensure all agreed-upon changes have been incorporated accurately.


Contact Us Today for Expert Legal Assistance!

Don't risk entering into a commercial lease agreement without proper legal guidance. Our team is here to provide the expertise and support you need to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate transactions successfully.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Let us help safeguard your business interests and ensure peace of mind in your commercial lease agreements.


Reviewing a commercial lease agreement is a critical step for any business entering into a rental arrangement. To ensure your interests are protected and to mitigate potential risks, it's essential to thoroughly evaluate the terms and conditions outlined in the lease agreement. Here are the top considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Lease Term and Renewal Options:

    • Evaluate the lease term to ensure it aligns with your business plans and goals.

    • Assess the availability of renewal options and any associated terms, such as rental rate adjustments.

  2. Rent and Additional Expenses:

    • Understand the total cost of occupancy, including base rent, common area maintenance (CAM) charges, taxes, and insurance.

    • Clarify how rent increases will be determined and any provisions for expense pass-throughs.

  3. Use and Restrictions:

    • Determine the permitted uses of the leased space and any restrictions or exclusivity clauses.

    • Verify compliance with local zoning regulations and any requirements for obtaining necessary permits or licenses.

  4. Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements:

    • Clarify responsibilities for maintenance, repairs, and improvements, including who is responsible for costs and scheduling.

    • Review provisions for alterations or improvements to the leased premises and obtain landlord approval if required.

  5. Assignment and Subletting:

    • Understand the terms governing assignment and subletting of the leased space, including any restrictions and landlord consent requirements.

    • Consider the implications for your business's flexibility and ability to sublet unused space.

  6. Default and Remedies:

    • Familiarize yourself with the conditions that constitute default under the lease agreement and the remedies available to the landlord and tenant.

    • Negotiate favorable cure periods and notice requirements to address potential defaults.

  7. Termination and Exit Strategies:

    • Review the provisions for early termination and the associated penalties or obligations.

    • Consider including options for lease termination or renewal to accommodate changes in your business needs.

  8. Legal and Financial Considerations:

    • Seek legal counsel to review the lease agreement and ensure your interests are adequately protected.

    • Assess the financial implications of the lease, including security deposits, guarantees, and insurance requirements.


By carefully considering these factors and seeking expert guidance when necessary, you can navigate the complexities of reviewing a commercial lease agreement with confidence. Protect your business interests and minimize risks by ensuring clarity and alignment with your objectives before signing any lease agreement.


For personalized assistance and expert insights tailored to your specific situation, contact an Orlando business lawyer with over a decade of experience in reviewing, negotiating., and drafting commercial lease agreements. 

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