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Orlando Franchise Attorney Near Me
Contract Drafting, Reviewing
& Negotiating


From a basic vendor contract to a complex merger, acquisition and divesiture instrument, a simple "once over" is a dangerous proposition when dealing with contracts.  When reviewing a contract through Achieve Legal, a contract lawyer will first learn your objectives and concerns regarding the contracts, then reads each contract in its entirety, re-reviews each document using a checklist specifically honed for the category of contract being reviewed, then the editing begins.  Then, the lawyer will continue to collaborate with you until contracts are tailored for you.  Then, a follow-up conference is scheduled at moderately later date after the contract is put in place, in order to review the contract's usefulness, utility, efficiency, readability and for any necessary modifications.  Find out more.

Buy or Sell a Business

You either have, or are about to, put so much in to growing a business, and you are going to trust the sale or purchase of a company or its assets to a lawyer who "also does buy/sell transactions?"  Attorney, Josh Logan, has handled business buy-sell transactions up to $100M, and leads transactions to closings all across the U.S.  Start with a letter of intent and be on your way toward closing on the sale, the the necessary provisions and safeguards appropriate for a buying or selling your business.  Find out more.


Start a Business

How you set-up your business entities, including the founding documents, creates a road map for the governance of your business, from voting rights, to how to handle a crisis, to how profits are taxed, distributions are made and more.  A simple template downloaded off the internet or auto-generated from asking few basic questions may not account for the intracacies of a mulit-owner business and certainly will not take into account your personalities.  Get assistance from a lawyer and accountant to make sure you are choosing the right business entity (LLC vs. Corporation vs. Partnership vs. Sole Proprietorship).  Find out more. 

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