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Buy or Sell a Business

You either have, or are about to, put so much in to growing a business, and you are going to trust the sale or purchase of a company or its assets to a lawyer who "also does buy/sell transactions?"  Attorney, Josh Logan, has handled business buy-sell transactions up to $100M, and leads transactions to closings all across the U.S.  Start with a letter of intent and be on your way toward closing on the sale, the the necessary provisions and safeguards appropriate for a buying or selling your business.

More about Legal Due Diligence Inspections here.
Five Major Steps to Buying
& Selling a Business

Fill and submit the form on this page to receive the white paper, "Five Major Steps to Buying and Selling a Business."  Those steps, described in the paper, are:


1)  Entering into a Letter of Intent, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement;


2)  Conducting the Initial Due Diligence inspections;


3)  Drafting and executing the Purchase & Sale Agreement;


4)  Conducting the Final Due Diligence Inspections and satisfying the contingencies to closing; and


5)  Closing the transaction.


For greater detail on How to Buy or Sell a Business, in 5 Phases, read the post here.


For information on Letters of Intent, read What is an M&A Letter of Intent, which can be found here.  


Complete the form on this page to find out more.



Legal Due Diligence Inspections

Here are some of the services Achieve Legal provides to help with an M&A Due Diligence inspection for legal purposes:


1)  Perform and interpret lien searches on individuals, companies, real property and personal property, and help resolve issues uncovered such as judgment liens, UCC liens and other encumbrances.


2)  Obtain or prepare authorizations to help confirm the transaction or that phase of the transaction is authorized.


3)  Conduct background & credit checks, or resolve improper credit reporting.

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What is M&A Legal Due Diligence?

Attorney to help buy a business

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When you need an attorney to help buy or sell a business

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